Holy Crap 2022

From recent collective confrontations with our interior worlds, the works in Holy crap explore possible ways to remake everyday household spaces and items, inspired by ritualism, mysticism and fanaticism. Asking playfully, what if home improvement were enlightened? Curated by Patrick Geske and Cody Miner, including works from the curators plus Angelica Lorenzi, Hans Wendel, and Erin Wright.

Low Rise Housing Competition 2021

Community Land Trust Development with rammed earth construction. 

In Progress, more to come.  

Rear Yard Dingbat 2020

Three story single family residence in west adams. 

In Progress, more to come.  

Soft Structure 2019

Submission for the AIA 2x8 Domum exhibition, showcasing exemplary student work architecture & design institutions around California.   

The project consists of two “soft” columns, holding up light boxes displaying the work. The columns struggle to hold the boxes, causing slumping and deformations.

Collaboration with Patrick Geske