The Halves and Half Nots 2023
with Allowing Many Forms

We are pleased to present The Halves and Half Nots a limited edition artist's book by Cody Miner and Taylor Zanke. This publication is the end result of various material and formal experimentations using found printed matter and papers. Physical and digital cuttings-out are displayed in halves: the idiosyncrasies of their respective forms in playful dialogue.

Hand collated and bound, this book features five types of salvaged papers with inkjet prints throughout. The book was printed until we ran out of paper. Please be aware that, due to the handmade nature of the book, imperfections will occur.

We want to talk about the shapes in this book. Where they came from, what they are, how we found them… but in talking about them we risk revealing too much and breaking them. They are, however, already kind of broken. Into pieces, onto pages. We took the broken pieces and put them in a sequence… little fragments, tiny, quiet, colorful, shards, hung together along a line. Balancing in their own gravity. These small shapes, by way of curious origins, float into frame.