Sticks & Stones

Using simple categories of Sticks and Stones, this installation is inspired by both the primitive “natural” world (Joshua Tree) and that of 3D-modelling programs (such as were used to produce this installation) taking them, as it were, on equal footing. The main components here are a series of “stackers,” approximately 4’ x 4’ x 8’ in bounded dimension. Comprised of a structural steel framework, they hold up the stones in a way that alludes to both primitive techniques of stacking, as well as the weightlessness of the digital design environment. Finished with a glittered-white stucco, the stones are understood as surface. Reduced to an aluminum wireframe, the stones are understood as structure - in a kind of analogue to “Rendered View” vs.“Wireframe View,” in Rhino terminology. The fabrication process utilized a cyclical workfl ow to incorporate scraps and leftovers into the final product. For instance, the milling process produces a kind of foam “pebble” as waste. The waste was collected and stuffed into cushions and distributed throughout the installation. Overall, a rich set of objects are produced by interweaving material flows, assemblies, and fabrication processes, offering an architectural affect of buoyancy and ease.

with Patrick Geske and Matthew Corbitt.
For WUHO Gallery, 2019